GLOBAL LIFT is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the lifting and maintenance of equipment for the global mining industry.

We are proud to be recognised as the industry leaders in synchronised lifting systems. Our GLOBAL LIFT systems are used for maintenance of heavy or mining machinery for slew bearing replacement for draglines, stacker reclaimers, excavators and shovels.

GLOBAL LIFT utilises top of the range, high precision computers (PLC) systems to provide extremely accurate calculations to ensure safety and reduce the risk of load shifting or uneven weight distribution.

Our innovative fleet has been proven to save our clients time and money, all while keeping them safer and making it easier for everybody involved.

If your operation could stand to reduce downtime during maintenance, call us on 0427 012 636 or send us a message here.


• Improvement to safety on your site, no dual lifts, less moves up and down and no slewing or double handling.

• A lower risk and impact to the environment (lowering noise levels, less ground area required and biodegradable oil as standard).

• Lowering the cost of your company’s operation and reducing machine downtime.

• Providing flexibility by organising the complete job or allowing the mine to organise their own labour, bearing and parts and empowering us just to do the lift component only.

• A System to Lift anything from bridges to mining equipment.

• Manufacture a system to the highest standards but make it practical to operate.

• Be able to support any company, any where around the world.

  • The synchronised lifting system provides the ability for the operator to remotely control the raising and lowering of multiple cylinders in a synchronised fashion.
  • The system is driven by the displacement of the cylinders and is not influenced by uneven loading on the cylinders. Simply put, it is a system that controls the variance between leading and lagging hydraulic cylinders using sensors to monitor the displacement.
  • The system is totally controlled via a touch screen. Once the main power supply switch is switched on, the screen is used to control all functions of the system, including motor start/stop.
  • The specialised touch screen controller is used to monitor points to allow for numerous points.
  • For safety, the cylinders are all fitted with pilot operated check valves and the pedestals are fitted with manual locking pins.
  • A safer method of lifting of large structures as fewer personnel are required to be in contact with the load. This means that staff are kept away from hazards during the lifting process

Is the Global Lift Lifting solution classified as a suspended load?

NO. There are counter balance valves on the hydraulic cylinders which don’t let the load fall – no matter what happens. In addition to this, we have a secondary safety feature comprised of a manual pin system which is put in place while following the load up and preceding it going down.

Is it safe to be shifting the manual pin from hole to hole with the load above you?

YES. The counter balance valves and a unique double piston seal in the cylinders provide total safety. This is no different than jacking up a haul truck in a workshop and then placing a stand under the truck. The Global Lift design has a build in stand feature which you place the pins in when jacking is completed or as you jack. This is a safe and proven practice that happens every in the world.

What are the pins rated for as a safety factor?

450T each. Making 2 pins have the capacity to hold 900 tonnes. The stand is engineered to a 3-to-1 safety ratio. So there will always be 3 pins under the load at all time while the 4th is being moved.

What is the capacity of the Global Lift system?

300T per Pedestal. The capacity for each pedestal is 300T while lifting and 400T capacity once all 4 pins are in place. This is engineer certified.

What standards is the Global Lift system built to?

The system is engineer certified. The Australian standards that are met are AS 4140, AS 1170, AS 4100, AS 4991, AS 2538-2004, AS 3990. Global Lift prides itself in meeting all QLD WHS, NSW OHS and the Coal Mining Act requirements.

What is the normal weight you would see when splitting a 600t class diggers?

Between 280 to 320T. Depending on the brand of machine it would usually be about 120-130T on the front and 90-100T on each side of the rear. These weights allow the Global Lift system to work well within the rated capacity. Using the Global Lift system dramatically

lowers the risks, by eliminating the need for a dual crane lift it is no longer a critical lift and makes it a lot quicker and safer.

How quick can Global Lift be at our mine site if we have a swing path failure?

Right away – so long as the equipment is available and not on a job. All the equipment is stored on our own trailers and are ready to go. The system is based in Central Queensland so it will be only as long as it takes to truck the equipment to your mine site.

Can you perform overseas work?

Yes. All the equipment can be packed into shipping containers and sent to wherever required. Being constructed to Australian Standards allows us to meet all the international standards. We have experience and are trusted in overseas countries. Global Lift can bring the solution to your mine site anywhere in the world.

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